Sarah-Noella Giancola Michaud

Current residence: Pierrefonds, Quebec
Favourite memories of PCHS:

Oh God, there are so many. The stairs, the forest, singing, making mistakes, calling each other in class - while we were in the same class, running head first into the principle, oh wow. This list could go on forever.

Message for future graduates:

Have fun, be yourself, don't be stupid; and don't pretend to be either.

Favourite teachers:

Mrs. Domeradzka

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High school wasn't the best thing in the world, and I made a lot of mistakes, went through a lot of phases, and skipped a lot of classes, haha. But the years I spent doing so were probably the years I grew, the years that shaped who I am today. Thank god for all the good times, but moreso for all the bad times...

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